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plfc believes in the importance and place of preaching as part of our regular corporate worship. Generally we work systematically through a book or large passage, and occasionally we run one-off or short series of topical sermons from scripture.

Whenever possible we seek to make recordings of these sermons available online freely for all. Here you can browse by series and passage, or search for what you seek.

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Messages given by Matthew Brabbs
Mark 9:1-13
26/05/2024 PM
the Gospel-centred leader
Putting God's House in order
1 Timothy 3:1-13
26/05/2024 AM
Who reigns in your life?
The Obedience of Faith and the Righteousness of God
Romans 5v12-21
19/05/2024 PM
the Gospel-centred member
Putting God's House in order
1 Timothy 2:8-15
19/05/2024 AM
A Place to Stand
The Obedience of Faith and the Righteousness of God
Romans 5:1-11
12/05/2024 PM
A question of priorities
People who met with Jesus
Mark 10:17-31
12/05/2024 AM

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The Sovereignty and Providence of God in Ruth 5 sermons

Putting God's House in order 6 sermons

May the Lord establish His Word 7 sermons

When all is stripped away 5 sermons

People who met with Jesus 5 sermons

The Incarnation 6 sermons

The Obedience of Faith and the Righteousness of God 17 sermons

Christ and His Bride 6 sermons

Building God's Temple 6 sermons

TBA 3 sermons

Christ and the nations 3 sermons

Caught in bed with another god 9 sermons

The unseen hand of God 5 sermons

Life to the full 23 sermons

Messages given by Matthew Brabbs 8 sermons

One descent and three ascents 4 sermons

What about me? 7 sermons

We were actually there! 3 sermons

Contending for the faith 7 sermons

Behold our God 11 sermons

Living out God's grace 9 sermons

One-off sermons by Matthew Hall 3 sermons

The man who was named "God saves" 11 sermons

Trusting God in a sinful world 4 sermons

The Epistles of John 10 sermons

Hope where there seems to be no hope 4 sermons

Will God act? 3 sermons

So what is Christmas really all about? 5 sermons

My heart, life, and passion 8 sermons

Two songs of the heavenly realm. 2 sermons

The all-round Christian 23 sermons

The King and His Kingdom 65 sermons

Three unlikely deliverers 8 sermons

Rise and Fall of a kingdom 12 sermons

Trustworthy Truths for Troubled Times 9 sermons

More than words 14 sermons

When your world turns upside down 10 sermons

songs for every season of the soul 17 sermons

Are you ready? 13 sermons

Rejoice in the Lord always 20 sermons

The Christmas Crisis 6 sermons

You versus the world 12 sermons

Today's church 9 sermons

Messages given by Ryan Mann 1 sermons

Mark's gospel 21 sermons

The Bride of Christ 12 sermons

The Saviour comes 5 sermons

Exodus 30 sermons

Philemon 4 sermons

The True Gospel 48 sermons

A real Christian 6 sermons

Second and third letters of John 2 sermons

Mark's gospel 4 sermons

King Jesus reigns 25 sermons

The Messiah comes 4 sermons

God delivers 31 sermons

The Preacher says... series by Steve Wager 18 sermons

Back to Basics 6 sermons

To work and pray 14 sermons

God in the dock 5 sermons

Christianity Explored 16 sermons

The church and evangelism 18 sermons

Why did Jesus have to be born? 5 sermons

A horrifically beautiful picture 14 sermons

The joy of Your salvation 8 sermons

One off messages by Dave Hall 3 sermons

Christ is coming! 8 sermons

The Incarnation 6 sermons

Getting it right 5 sermons

The Five Solae 5 sermons

Salvation, submission and suffering 21 sermons

You shall call His name Jesus 3 sermons

Seeing is believing 81 sermons

To die well 4 sermons

Why does God...? 2 sermons

Messages given by Scott Eidson 23 sermons

How awesome is our God 5 sermons

The greatest miracle of all time! 5 sermons

My place in God's church 18 sermons

Behold our King! 39 sermons

Messages given by Andy Ebert 16 sermons

God's people under God's hand 7 sermons

Jesus Christ, Son of God 12 sermons

One Way 2012 8 sermons

Preparation for One Way 2012 4 sermons

Messages given by George Alvarado 3 sermons

Messages given by Josh Vess 2 sermons

My Picture Bible 8 sermons

The Day of the LORD 5 sermons

The humilty of Christ 3 sermons

The full assurance of hope 22 sermons

Other messages by Michael Gee 3 sermons

Missionary Services 8 sermons

Visiting Preachers 73 sermons

The Christian Soldier 11 sermons

I love you because ... I love you 8 sermons

Pursuing Happiness 13 sermons

Year Verses 24 sermons

Names of Jesus Christ 4 sermons

Running away from the living God 10 sermons

Speaking about Jesus 8 sermons

A church in crisis 35 sermons

In the beginning! 15 sermons

Special services 130 sermons

Messages given by David Brown 73 sermons

Through the Psalms with Michael Gee 29 sermons

Know your enemy! 2 sermons

Jesus Christ through the eyes of John 9 sermons

The whys and hows of evangelism 13 sermons

When God is silent 5 sermons

How pure is plfc? 11 sermons

The church of Jesus Christ 17 sermons

God has promised 7 sermons

Prayer - A Christian's vital breath 14 sermons

A One-2-One with Jesus 12 sermons

Life is war 8 sermons

From Jerusalem to Emmaus 3 sermons

Living today in the light of tomorrow 12 sermons

Immanuel - God with us 6 sermons

Peter - a disciple of Jesus 11 sermons

What it means to be real 10 sermons

Christ in you, the hope of glory 9 sermons

A man after God's own heart 17 sermons

The Incomparable Christ 13 sermons