Pound Lane Free Church

Forthcoming events

July 2017
Sunday 23rd11:00 - 12:15PMJudgement and salvation
God delivers
Sunday 23rd6:30 - 7:30PMThe end draws near
King Jesus reigns
Sunday 30th11:00 - 12:15PMThe new heavens and earth
God delivers
Sunday 30th6:30 - 7:30PMSatan: his fall and mission
King Jesus reigns
August 2017
Sunday 6th11:00 - 12:15PMAccepted to God
God delivers
Sunday 6th6:30 - 7:30PMSatan's two beasts
King Jesus reigns
Sunday 13th11:00 - 12:15PMAnd this is how it will all end!
God delivers
Sunday 13th6:30 - 7:30PM
The Preacher says... series by Steve Wager
Sunday 20th12:00 - 12:00AM
Sunday 20th11:00 - 12:15PMWhat is a real Christian? - part 1
A real Christian
Sunday 20th6:30 - 7:30PMOne day that will change everything
King Jesus reigns

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