Pound Lane Free Church

Church Night

The early church was characterised by a number of key features. In Acts 2:42 Luke lists three of those as being "teaching", "fellowship", and "prayer". We seek to model our Church Night meeting around those same three features. In a less formal setting than on Sunday, we have opportunity to grow together in Christ, sharing, encouraging and helping one another in our Christian lives.


We meet in the new extension hall which is equipped with all that we need (amplification, projector, loop amplifier etc) seated around small tables, with most people trying to arrive about 7.20pm onwards in order to chat over a cup of tea before the meeting starts at 7.40pm. Although the meeting finishes at 9.00pm people are welcome to stay and talk for a further 20 minutes or so, catching up on news and encouraging each other in the various situations they face.

Bible Study

Each week we spend part of the evening in studying the Bible together. We believe that the Bible is God's chosen means of communicating with us, showing us who He is, what He is like, and what He requires of us. So studying His Word is very important to us, helping us to know Him better and follow Him closer. Our preferred method of studying the Bible is to follow a series of studies on a particular book of the Bible thereby getting to understand what we read in its right context. There is always opportunity to ask questions and to share anything that is of particular interest to you.


The other key element of the meeting is prayer. We believe fully in the power of prayer and use each Wednesday evening as an opportunity to pray together to our great God. Before we pray there is opportunity to share any matters for which you would like others to pray and to update others on changes in situations for which we have previously prayed.

We realise that not everyone feels able to pray out loud. Those who want to pray out loud are able to do so and those who prefer not to can simply listen to, and thereby share in, the prayers of others.

Video Links

We have in the past used a monthly video link to keep in touch with missionaries in whom we have an interest and with some who were in fellowship with us but have now been stationed elsewhere in the world. We hope to have further oportunity to do this especially as more parts of the world become accessible to the internet.

Please join us!

This meeting is for all ages and those attending have ranged in age from children to 70 something! We'd love for you to come along and meet with us and hopefully enjoy not only meeting with a group of friendly, caring Christians, but also discovering who this awesome God is, and how you can come into a living relationship with Him that will empower you to live life to the full now and assure you of a home with Him when this life is over.