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The True Gospel

Finally, I get D.V. to preach through my favourite book in the Bible! Romans - a book that gives the most comprehensive presentation of the gospel found in the entire Bible. A book that opens with 11 chapters of beautiful theology in which the first 5.5 chapters contain not a single imperative (command) but simply take us from God's creation and man's fall, through the person and work of Jesus Christ to the means of salvation in Him. Chapters 6 - 8 challenge us with the call to holiness especially in the context of who we are in Christ and the future that awaits us. Chapters 9-11 examine what God has done in light of His own character, and bring into a right focus election, the worldwide gospel and the relationship between the Jews and the gentiles. Chapters 12-15 provide some of the Bible's most helpful, but challenging, passages on living the Christian life, whilst chapter 16 closes with many personal greetings annd final praise to the God who planned, purposed and brought about this glorious gospel!
Title Passage
Paul and the church at Rome Romans 1:1-15
The power of the gospel Romans 1:16-17
The cost of rejecting God Romans 1:18-32
God's righteous judgment Romans 2:1-11
the Jew and God's Law Romans 2:12-29
The bottom line Romans 3:1-20
This glorious gospel part 1 - God's biggest problem Romans 3:21-26
This glorious gospel part 2 - Christ's substitutionary sacrifice Romans 3:21-26
This glorious gospel part 3 - The sinner's sure salvation Romans 3:21-26
Three conclusions on Justification by faith alone Romans 3:27-31
How was Abraham justified? Romans 4:1-12
Received by faith Romans 4:13 - 22
Counted to us as well Romans 4:23-25