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King Jesus reigns

The book of the revelation of Jesus Christ is without question one of the most controversial books, by interpretation, in the Bible. This is hardly surprising for two reasons: firstly much of it is still to be fulfilled and as such we don't yet have the benefit of hindsight in interpretation, and secondly it is poetic and apocalyptic language, with imagry of dragons, beasts, plagues, and cosmic battles. And yet it is intended to be an easy-to-read picture book, much like you might give to a child! The images are powerful, the substance of ten terrifying, but the theme is of the all-conquering King and His people.
Title Passage
King Jesus reigns Revelation 1
A people who no longer cherish Christ Revelation 2:1-7
The poor rich church Revelation 2:8 - 11
Look out, I know! Revelation 2:12 - 17
Tolerating the intolerable Revelation 2:18-29
Waking the dead Revelation 3:1-6
The promise of an open door Revelation 3:7-13
The church that made Christ want to vomit Revelation 3:14-22
The thrice holy God Revelation 4
Christ has triumphed Revelation 5
And today's headlines are... Revelation 6:1-11
Safe from God's wrath? Revelation 6:12 - 7:17
The silence before the storm Revelation 8
War without and war within Revelation 9-10
The end draws near Revelation 11
Satan: his fall and mission Revelation 12
Satan's two beasts Revelation 13
One day that will change everything Revelation 14
The wrath of God Revelation 15-16
Babylon the great Revelation 17-18
Hallelujah! Revelation 19
Millenium and Judgement Revelation 20
When His Kingdom comes! Revelation 21
Eternal life Revelation 22:1-6