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When God is silent

When God is silent! How would you describe the spiritual state of Britain today? While we can definitely see God's blessing at individual level, nationally we little to encourage us to beleive that God is active, let alone sovereignly in control. And yet He is. The book of Esther is famous for one thing above all else- God is not mentioned in it - not by name, title, or work. God is silent, but throughout the book it is absolutely clear that God is very active. Not in dramatic, supernatural ways, but through His providence and through His dealing with His people through the daily circumstances of their lives. This is a book for our generation!
Title Passage Preacher
Rulers, drunkards, and examples to others Esther 1 Dave Hall
The silent hand of God Esther 2 Dave Hall
Doing the right and receiving the wrong Esther 3 Dave Hall
The only hope is God Esther 4 Dave Hall
Appoaching my end goal Esther 5 Dave Hall