Pound Lane Free Church


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As of the 6th February 2004 plfc has sought to put into practise a Disability Code of Practise to ensure that, as far as is possible, we do not intentionally or otherwise, discriminate in any way against those with any form of recognised disability. If you have any particular needs, please make the person who greets you at the door aware of these and they will do all possible to make your visit to us as comfortable, and the service as accessible, as possible.

Hearing Impairment

Amplification is provided in both the chapel and extension hall and those leading, reading the Bible, or speaking at any of the Sunday Services, Tuesday Fellowship, or Wednesday Church Night always use microphones and the amplifier. Both of these areas are also covered by loop amplifiers which are active throughout the same meetings and can be accessed by those wearing a hearing aid provided with a T switch.

The disabled toilet in the extension is fitted with an audio/visual Fire Alarm to indicate the need to evacuate the building.

Visual Impairment

The words for the worship songs are projected on screen, but word copies are generally available in normal, large print and braille for those who would prefer to use them. We also have Bibles in large and giant print for church use.

Mobility Impairment

Acccess to the church is normally made through the new church entrance using either the wide steps or ramp. Before and after services the doors open automatically when approached, but on Sundays the door is manned by persons ready to welcome and help, as necessary, all visitors.

The chapel, hall (where refreshments are served and midweek meeting held), Quiet Room, and Toilets are all on one level with clear wheelchair access throughout and both Fire Exits at the rear of the building are suitable for wheelchair use. There is a Disabled Toilet on the ground floor equipped to current Building Regs Part M standard.

Other Needs

There is a Quiet Room at the rear of the building on the ground floor that is available for use during services where the service is relayed on our internal plfcTV. The room is equipped with comfortable chairs, and is intended to be used by anyone who is feeling unwell, or needs to nurse a young child etc.

The disabled toilet is also fitted with a changing unit for parents needing to change a baby's nappy.