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The Preacher says... series by Steve Wager

Title Passage
The preacher says Eccles 1:1-11
The higher you climb Eccles 1:12-18
Enjoy yourself Eccles 2
A Season for Everything Ecclesiastes 3:1-15
The brutal realities of life: injustice and death Ecclesiastes 3:16-22
They have no comforter Ecclesiastes 4:1-3
Alone at the top Ecclesiastes 4:4-16
Discovering the eternal God who is beyond the sun Ecclesiastes 5:1-7
Vanity of wealth Ecclesastes 5:8 -thru 6:9
Possessing everything, enjoying nothing Ecclesiastes 6
Good, better, best Ecclesiastes 7:1-14
Wisdom for the wise Ecclesiastes
Wisdom in the king’s presence Ecclesiastes 8:1-9
Incredible Intolerance Ecclesiastes 8:10-17
This present moment Ecclesiastes 9:1-18
Foolish is as foolish does Eccl 10:1-20