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Life is war

There are probably few things further from the mindset of many 21st Century British Christians than the thought that "life is war". And yet the Bible makes it absolutely clear that from the moment of conversion until death or Christ's return the Christian is at war. And this war is like no other: at stake is not country or human rights, but rather the human soul and the glory of God. And God has designed and given us perfect armour for our protection and in order that we can fight and win - so why are so few wearing it?

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Title Passage Preacher
Life is war Ephesians 6:10-13 Dave Hall
The belt of truth Ephesians 6:14 Dave Hall
The breastplate of righteousness Ephesians 6:14 Dave Hall
The shoes of the gospel Ephesians 6:15 Dave Hall
The shield of faith Ephesians 6:16 Dave Hall
The helmet of salvation Ephesians 6:17 Dave Hall
The sword of God's Word Ephesians 6:17 Dave Hall
The canopy of prayer Ephesians 6:18 Dave Hall