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God delivers

For the autumn series 2016 we are going to be looking into the latter chapters of the book of Isaiah. Specifically chapters 40 - 66. One of the most noable features of this book is that it reflects the format of the Bible itself. The Bible has 66 books, Isaiah has 66 chapters. The Bible is divided books 1-39 Old Testament, books 40-66 New Testament. Isaiah is likewise divided: chapters 1-39 God's judgment, chapters 40-66 God's deliverance. in 2013 we did a 5 week study on chapter 40 and so in this series we are only going to give a brief look at this chapter before moving on to the remaining 26 chapters.
Title Passage
It all changes here Isaiah 40
Fear not, this is not how it ends Isaiah 41
God's chosen One Isaiah 42:1-17
God's chosen people Isaiah 42:18 - 43:28
Those who worship YAHWEH Isaiah 44
God who is over the nations Isaiah 45:1-13
Turn to me and be saved Isaiah 45:14-25
The fall of Babylon Isaiah 46 & 47
The LORD's people Isaiah 48
The second Servant Song Isaiah 49
Our sin, His obedience Isaiah 50
God's message to His church today - part 1: A threefold challenge Isaiah 51:1-8
God's message to His church today - part 2:Three calls to awake Isaiah 51:9 - 52:6
The fourth Servant Song - part 1 Isaiah 52:7 - 53:3
Fourth Servant Song - part 2: Penal Substitution Isaiah 53:4 - 6
The fourth Servant Song - part 3 Atonement made Isaiah 53:7 - 12
The eternal covenant of peace Isaiah 54
The gospel applied Isaiah 55
Awaiting Christ Isaiah 56
Standing at the crossroads Isaiah 57
Godward fasting Isaiah 58
God's case against the unrepentant Isaiah 59
Future glory Isaiah 60
The year of the LORD's favour Isaiah 61
The Lord's salvation Isaiah 62
A right godward orientation Isaiah 63:1-14
Praying for God's mercy Isaiah 63:15 - 64:12
Judgement and salvation Isaiah 64:8 - 65:16
The new heavens and earth Isaiah 65:17-25
Accepted to God Isaiah 66:1-14
And this is how it will all end! Isaiah 66:15-24