Pound Lane Free Church

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A One-2-One with Jesus

I’ve never seen Jesus, and I’ve never had the opportunity to hold a conversation with Him in the sense that I have with other people. One day, by His grace I will have both, but for now I have to rely on the meetings that others were privileged to have with Him whilst He walked this earth - conversations that are very precious to me. As we meet Jesus through the eyes of some of these people, I hope they will be as precious to you.
Title Passage Preacher
The teacher who wanted to learn John 3:1 - 21 Dave Hall
Faith in unexpected places Matt 8:5-13 & Luke 23:47 Dave Hall
The man who was many Mark 5:1 - 20 Dave Hall
When the cost is too high Mark 10:17-31 Dave Hall
The man who walked by faith Luke 5:17-26 Dave Hall
Three blind men John 9, Mark 10:46-52 & Mark 8:22-26 Dave Hall
The woman who loved much Luke 7:36 - 50 Dave Hall
The man who kissed Jesus Luke 22:46 - 47 Dave Hall
The man who was lost Luke 19:1 - 10 Dave Hall
The man who died twice John 11:1-53 Dave Hall
The man who doubted John 20:24-29 Dave Hall
The man who was given no answer Luke 23:7-12 Dave Hall