Pound Lane Free Church

Missionary Support

We believe that God's purpose for His church, while on earth, should be to glorify Him and enjoy Him with a particular focus on mission (at home and overseas) in all of its various forms. As a fellowship we therefore have an active interest in supporting a number of missionary societies and full-time Christian workers.

Missionaries and Overseas Workers

  • Pearson Solongwe - a fulltime Bible student at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi
  • Connex and Synolia Ijalasi. Malawian nationals - Connex (former General Secretary of the Zambesi Evangelical Church of Malawi) heads-up J-Life Malawi
  • Suvarthamma Yesupadam works as a women's worker in Porata Nagar, India for Metropolitan Mission and is financed by plfc
  • Dan and Rachel Hulley and their children working in Papua New Guinea amongst the Wahgi people with New Tribes Mission


  • ZM (supporting the work of the ZEC church of Malawi)
  • Kerusso Trust. A small mission based in Scotland that works in partnership with J-Life Malawi (Connex Ijalasi)
  • The Leprosy Mission (ministering to people living with the effects of leprosy)
  • Metropolitan Mission (an Indian run mission working in Andhrea Pradesh - preaching the gospel, establishing churches, and homing orphans)
  • NTM (mission with whom Dan and Rachel Hulley are working)