Pound Lane Free Church

plfc Disability Code of Practise


This code of practise was adopted by Pound Lane Free Church (plfc) at its Annual General Members' Meeting of 6th February 2004.


We recognise that it is our calling to take the gospel of Jesus Christ into our local community. All people are welcome at plfc, whether or not they have any disability, subject to the provisions of our Child Protection policy.

Creating Accessibility

Within the resources available to us, we aim to make plfc, the services and facilities it provides, increasingly accessible to all.

Legal Requirements

We recognise our need to obey the law and we will therefore comply with the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and with all Codes and Statutory Instruments that have been introduced relating to it unless such compliance causes us to violate a higher law.

Moral Obligations

Indeed it is our desire and intent, not just to comply with the letter of the law, but to seek to lead the way by example within our community in our dealings with, and welcome to, disabled people.

Review of this Code

We will review this Code, all of our practises, and any additional policies and procedures, our buildings, and access to them, the services, facilities and what auxiliary aids we provide annually to ensure that we comply with current legal requirements and moral obligations.

Accessibility Team

The newly formed Accessibility Team will perform an annual review, a report of which will be submitted to the church leadership in writing. The church leadership will be responsible for acting upon all recommendations made as deemed appropriate.

Specific Items in Review

The annual review will in particular cover all areas listed at the end of this document to ensure that we do not discriminate against disabled people.

Equal Treatment

We will treat all who come to plfc with dignity and respect and will seek to provide an environment that is free from discrimination, victimisation and harassment in respect of any form of disability.

List of Specific Items in Review

  • Whether or not any changes need to be made to buildings and land that we own.
  • Access to and within our buildings
  • All services and meetings that we hold
  • Provision for those with disabilities within our congregation and who are likely to attend plfc.
  • Training that we give to leaders, teachers, stewards and congregation
  • Comments and recommendations made by disabled people
  • Accessibility of our worship
  • Seating arrangements and lighting
  • Parking
  • Accessible Toilets
  • Emergency Escape routes and procedures
  • Doors, Glass, Stairs, Displays
  • Access to speaking position and facilities
  • Literature (incl Hymn books, songs sheets, children activity sheets, Notice sheets etc). Websites
  • Welcome desk and shop
  • Telephones and Loop Systems
  • Signs
  • Availability of British Sign Language
  • Carpets and colour schemes
  • Tape and video library, website
  • Projectors and OHPs
  • Celebration of the Lord's Supper, Baptism, Church Meetings
  • Notices
  • Lunches, Teas, Off-site trips
  • Young people's meetings, club night activities, camps etc.
  • Fellowship activities, outings etc
  • Food allergies
  • Correct usage of disability language
  • Provision for those who cannot attend church services
  • Provision of transport