Pound Lane Free Church


Sunday Morning Service

A crèche is provided for the latter half of the service, which includes the sermon. On the third Sunday morning of the month, the crèche is extended to cover the celebration of our Lord's Supper.

The crèche is held in a purpose designed room on the first floor of the extension where the leaders are able to use a combination of video, colouring sheets etc. to keep the children interested and happy.

All those involved in any way with the crèche, or as leaders in any other of our youth activities, have had a CRB check performed on them by the church and have attended and passed our own Child Protection Course modelled on the materials supplied by CCPAS (Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service). All crèche workers adhere to a strict set of procedures as laid down in our Child Protection Policy which has been approved by, and is registered with, CCPAS. A copy of this policy can be viewed at the church.

Parents are very welcome to attend the crèche with their children in the first instance to ensure that they are happy there, and are welcome at any time during a service to go through to the crèche to check on their child. A worker will always come through to find any parent of a child that is in need of its parent.

Other services and meetings

We do not currently provide a crèche on a regular basis for other services and meetings, but are always ready and willing to do so, as and when it is needed. Please speak to the meeting leader or to one of the church leadership if this would be of help to you.