Pound Lane Free Church

Music Mayhem Booking

Music Mayhem Booking

Music Mayhem sessions at plfc run on Monday mornings from 9:30 - 10:30 am.
The number of ADULTS attending is currently limited to 24 per session and you WILL be required to wear a face mask when singing. Please bring a drink with you for your child/children. Drinks for adults will be provided FOC as will biscuits for the children (please check suitability for your child especially if he/she suffers from any allergies).

At this time you are welcome to attend provided none of the following apply:
* You have tested positive for COVID and are still in the infectious period
* You or anyone in your house has been told to self-isolate at this time
* You are experiencing any recognised COVID symptoms and have not since tested negative for COVID
* You are aware that you were in contact with someone during the infectious period who has since tested positive for COVID, and the infectious period has not yet expired, and you have not since tested negative for COVID on an approved NHS test

Prior bookings will take priority and those can be made on this page on a weekly basis for either ONE of the next two sessions. In that way we hope that at worse everyone should be able to attend every other session, most will be able to attend every session by booking weekly for the next session.
N.B. If the next session is already full or you cannot attend the next session, you can book now for the following session.
The booking system will automatically close between 8.30am and 11:00am each Monday morning.

You can turn up for the meeting without pre-booking, but you will only be able to attend if there is still space available.
Please note that this app allows the booking of a single adult under one registered email/name.

There are currently XX places available at the next session on dd/mm/YYYY
and YY places available at the following session on dd/mm/YYYY

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